"I´ve got my eyes on you"

Inspired by the secret history of "lover´s eyes", Alexandra Moura, brings back the romantic victorian jewellery, exchanged between lovers, with a whole new approach.

Delicate eye shaped tulle embroideries adorn the garments, keeping the essence of the antique hand painted brooches, with a contemporary design and finishing.

Bold shapes, ties and ruffles come together and create a dynamic look through iconic and statement items.

Sophisticated mesh textures, delicate tulle and intricate brocades, offer this collection the perfect bridge between classic and contemporary.

Throughout the collection, damaged and shredded denim unfolds, showing remains of an unknown past

From the light shades of blue denim and the black tones, a must have in every collection, a refreshing lavender and a colorful flower-patterned jacquard emerges.

This collection embraces the cool, urban and confident man and woman, that appreciates a unique look.

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