First the water…then the light

A reflection which provides from the previous collection, the square, the vacuum where nothing exists, where everything fits, where everything is born…
The rising…from the water, essence of life.
The walk… to see the light, the sun.

Silhouette/ Details:
The straight lines, simple and tubeless were essential to this collection silhouette, which starts with small explosions of volumes and overlaps.
Setbacks between the raw materials and shape provide to the silhouette a new language.
Simplicity and organization are key features.
The details appear in the form of folds.

Cotton, technologic nappa, microfibers, frosted wool and linen.

Matt white, optic white, off-white, black, caramel, yellow and blue.

Alexandra Moura
+ Goldmud

Technical data:
Photo: Rui Aguiar
Models: Rita Gonçalves (elite Lisbon) and Cláudio Vieira
Hair: Cristina Peixoto
Make Up: Antónia Rosa

Technical data ModaLisboa runaway:
Photos: Archive ModaLisboa/ Rui Vasco
Sponsor: YKK sponsors Alexandra Moura fashion show.
Thanks to:
Cristina Peixoto and staff (Hair)
Antónia Rosa and staff (Make-up)
Miguel Cardona (Music)

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