From Hadramaut to Pires Vieira

The concept of this collection crossed a long path from the tribe of Handramaut, in Yemen, and the work of the Portuguese artist Pires Vieira.
During this journey, the "Witches of Hadramaut" arise, with a stunning and conceptual aesthetic, in an inhospitable land where pastoralism and agriculture are part of a daily routine that dresses in black from head to toe. Their conical hats suggest a mystical image that transports us to other dimensions of superior beings.
The work of Pires Vieira comes to exalt and glorify the meaning of this story, in its higher and mystic way.
The paints suggest the weight and graphics, color, geometry and the right sensitivity.
The perfect fusion.
In this collection’s concept, masculine and feminine merge together. The approach of both genders presents a new adventure in this context and theme.
A collection with a strong silhouette where Black, Grey and Blue Indigo prevail both in the artistic work and in the lost magic land of Sheba.

Silhouette/ Details:
The elongated silhouette became more languid, loose and covered up.
The accentuated waistline translates the Hadramaut’s silhouette.
The motifs of Pires Vieira’s artistic work bring a new language to the silhouette.
The most classic details blend with the most sporty, becoming key to the entire image of the collection and bringing a sophisticated, urban and very contemporary language.

Cotton, wool, cashmere, jersey, fleece and microfiber.

Black, gray, indigo blue and a glimpse of beige.

Alexandra Moura + Goldmud

José Simão + Alexandra Moura (José Simão + /\/\/\)

Technical data ModaLisboa runaway:
Photos: Archive ModaLisboa/ Rui Vasco
Sponsor: YKK sponsors Alexandra Moura fashion show.
Thanks to:
Cristina Peixoto and staff (Hair)
Antónia Rosa and staff (Make-up)
Miguel Cardona (Music)
Alexandra Moura staff
Associação ModaLisboa
All Alexandra Moura suppliers

Technical data video "L' Atelier":
L' Atelier is short fashion film to present Alexandra Moura's 14/15 FW collection. Shot in one afternoon in Pires Vieira studio (
Directed by: Mariana Castro and Sílvio Santana (
Model: Rita Gonçalves
Artist: Pires Vieira
Music: Miguel Cardona
Designer: Alexandra Moura

Special Thanks:
Víctor Pires Vieira

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