The return to the ancient cultures and aesthetics. A cult of the individual, passing through the original roots and reaching the tribalism.
The strong cultural or ethnic identities of different "primitive" tribes, join in a collection that is an ode to the beauty and to the unification of some nations.
The inspiration came from pristine environments and people and culminated in a state of "trance" of colours, patterns and eccentric shapes.
The cold environments from Siberia or from the deserts and the nomadic culture of some tribes were the basis for creating the three pillars of this collection: protection, warming and beautification.

Overlapping layers, excesses and volumes bring a new silhouette and a visual impact that reveals comfort and protection.
Strips give a new interpretation and function - adjust.
A sensory explosion for the eyes and for the touch, through textures and details.

“Cutted” circular shapes resemble the tribal art of body painting.
Heavy fabrics, warm and protect from the Gobi Desert and Siberian winds.
Covers and strips give cosiness and comfort.
The colours and applications glorify the "primitive" days, the sacred and festive rituals.

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