The Miracle of the Roses

"And the King saw roses out of season"

A narrative that crossed centuries until today, brings us a miracle from ancient times.
The tale merges with the S/S 16 Collection and in the same "lap" will live and change being brought from a cruel world, dominated by jealousy and greed, into a new world - the future – ruled by peace and kindness.

In this collection, silhouette and details were worked to retell the story, in a continuous change as if they itself were a miracle. Holiness is revealed in the details that, metamorphosed, bring a whole new language to this ancient tale. Heavy fabrics are unified with the more ethereal. The colors reveal love and strength.

"Roses, my Lord!
... That more roses "blossom" out of season. "

Shoes: Alexandra Moura + Goldmud
Accessories/Keychain: Alexandra Moura + FulanaBeltranaSicrana by Benedetta Maxia

- Francisco Jesus and team (Hair)
- Antónia Rosa and team (Make up)
- Miguel Cardona (Music)
- AM studio team
- ModaLisboa association
- Suppliers of AM studio

A special thank you:
In your memory, my dear grandmother Manuela.

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