Spring 2015 look book concept
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“To invert”

“And suddenly life turns inside out…and I find that the wrong side is the right side”

The collection is composed by exercises of constructing and deconstructing but also by the subtle behavior of materials, its finishings and details.
The body – the whole or partially – becomes the main stimulus for sketching and shape research.
Once again, the duality’s universe is powered by the intentional opposition of the following concepts:
Interior – exterior
Right side – wrong side
Part - whole
Assemble – disassemble
To do – to undo
To subtract – to add

Silhouette/ Details:
The set of actions of deconstruction applied to the constructive process of the garment builds the silhouette of this collection – pause, reversal/inversion and subversion amplify the perception of construction and shape.
This is materialized in:
Asymmetries (of organic and irregular nature);
Transparencies (exposition, interior/structure visualization);
Elastics (intentional construction detail);
Inversions (right side/wrong side of fabrics)

Cotton, neopren, linen, silk, denim, fleece and microfibre

Black, índigo blue and the combination of different white tones

Alexandra Moura + Goldmud

©2017 Alexandra Moura. All Rights Reserved.
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